Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Here's the key to the copy I handed out to some of my 2nd batxillerat students:



1) flat                       all *                          gas                   gather

2) deserve                 burst                         disturb              interrupt*

3) goal                      afford*                      approach           abroad

4) business *             judge                        son                   sun

5) might                    live (adj.)                  privacy*            sign

6) trolley*                 saw                          shore                torch

7) shoot                    through                     blood*               rule

8) whole                    wardrobe                   though              survive*

9) won                      wrote*                       stuck                done

10) drew                   flew                          knew*               blew

11) sew                     go                            know                 draw*

12) talented               decided                     needed            convinced*

13) stopped*              detailed                     harmed             used

14) languages            experiences               watches             lives*

15) fast*                   man                          sat                    ran

16) power                  one                           poor*                would

17) so                       boat                          load                  port*

18) asked                  landed*                     jumped             helped

19) people                 please                       clean                near*

20) published             seemed*                   developed          asked

21) diet                     wine                         eye                   grain* 
22) work*                  disorder                    corn                   talk

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